How to buy Stocks with CaixaBank

A walkthrough guide to investing in stocks and ETFs with Caixa Bank.

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Nov 21, 2022
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Summary: Caixa is one of the largest banking institutions in Spain with over 20 million clients globally. Caixa Bank offers a share trading and investing application called BrokerNow but we suggest avoiding this platform as it has high fees and limited assets.

We recommend using an external online broker like the eToro Europe exchange. The eToro exchange is available to use in over 140 countries including Spain. It is regulated by CySEC in Europe and the FCA in the UK.

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Where to buy Stocks with a CaixaBank account

Caixa Bank has a trading platform called BrokerNow but it charges high fees and doesn’t have a large selection of assets available to invest in. We recommend using a separate stock investing and trading platform. 

The best stock investing and trading platform in the world is eToro. eToro is a multi-asset brokerage platform that allows its users to invest in multiple asset classes including stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, ETFs and cryptocurrencies. To learn more about eToro you can read our eToro review.

eToro Europe.
eToro Europe.

How to buy Stocks with CaixaBank in Spain

In this guide, we show Spanish investors how to purchase stocks and ETFs with a Caixa Bank account. Users can deposit funds onto eToro via credit/debit card, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. Follow the below steps to get started and begin investing in stocks.

  1. Create an account on eToro and verify your identity.
  2. Tap ‘Deposit Funds’ pick a method and transfer funds from Caixa bank to your eToro account.
  3. Click the search bar, input the asset you wish to invest in and click ‘Trade’.
  4. Enter the amount you want to buy and select ‘Set Order’.
How to buy Stocks with Caixa Bank in Spain.
How to buy Stocks with Caixa Bank in Spain.

Can I buy Caixa Bank Stocks?

Yes, in addition to buying stocks with a Caixa Bank account on eToro, you may also invest in Caixa Bank stocks. CaixaBank stock uses the ticker CABK.MC on eToro. Follow the below steps to invest in CaixaBank stocks.

  1. Type in 'Caixa' in the search bar and click 'Trade'.
  2. Input the amount you want to purchase and select 'Set Order'.
How to buy Caixa Bank Stocks (CABK.MC).
How to buy Caixa Bank Stocks (CABK.MC).

About CaixaBank

CaixaBank is a Spanish bank, founded in 1904 as Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona. It is the leading financial institution in Spain and owns the largest network of ATMs and branches in the country. The bank is known for its innovative products and services, such as digital banking, mobile banking, mortgage loans, and insurance. CaixaBank also offers international banking services, covering more than 200 countries in 30 different currencies. In addition to providing financial products and services to individuals, the bank also has partnerships with corporations and governments around the world.


CaixaBank is a forward-thinking bank that is focused on creating value for its customers and the communities in which it operates. Its commitment to providing quality customer service, responsible financing practices, and corporate social responsibility are among its core values. The bank has earned numerous awards for its leadership in the banking sector, including being named Bank of the Year in Spain by Global Finance Magazine in 2020.

The bank's mission is to be one of the most innovative and trusted financial institutions in Europe. The bank's strategy focuses on providing tailored products and services that are designed to meet the needs of its customers, while also creating value for its shareholders. CaixaBank is committed to helping its customers grow their wealth, protect their assets, and achieve their financial goals.

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